Join us on the first Sunday of every month at 10:30 am for B.L.T. (Bagels, Lox, Tefillin) at the Encore apartments indoor/outdoor observation lounge (in downtown Cincinnati)!

B.L.T. is the perfect way to start off your week serving the body and soul with a hearty breakfast, meaningful discussion and mindful Tefillin!

Please RSVP below and let us know you are joining and to receive exact address info!

Due to the 1st Sunday in April being on Passover, this month's BLT (bagels, lox & Tefilin) will be on the 2nd Sunday, April 11!

Join us the week after Passover for some bagels, lox and tefillin! Enjoy a delicious leavened brunch paired with a stimulating "post exodos" conversation!

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